NAMIBIA: Women Should Unite - Pohamba

Monday, February 13, 2012
Namibian Sun
Southern Africa
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Swapo's Women's Council (SPWC) has to continue the search for solutions to the challenges facing women and girls in Namibia.

This was the message of President Hifikepunye Pohamba when he officially opened the Central Committee Meeting of the SPWC in Windhoek on Saturday.

The challenges the President was referring to include violence against women, rape, murder, rampant teenage pregnancies and HIV infections.

He condemned these acts against women and children and called on the law enforcement agencies to deal with the perpetrators of these crimes without mercy. Pohamba also urged the courts of law to mete out stiff penalties to all those convicted of these heinous crimes.

“I urge the Swapo Party Women's Council to be at the forefront of championing the responses to these challenges and to find appropriate long-term solutions. As a Women's Wing, the Council cannot afford to be spectators while Namibian women are confronted by these problems.”

The President also called on men to fully join the fight against all forms of violence against women.

“We must not allow a small minority of individuals to give all Namibian men a bad name,” said Pohamba.

The women were also requested to reject all tendencies that may cause disunity with the Wing or Swapo, adding that they should maintain unity under the motto of “One Namibia, One Nation”.

“These are the only ways that the SPWC can grow stronger and achieve the objective of mobilising Namibian women to fully participate in the social and economic development of our country. We will continue to support the women of Namibia in the quest to increase the representation of women in decision-making platforms to 50%,” Pohamba said.

He concluded by saying that Swapo is committed in achieving gender equality in line with the Millennium Development Goals.