NEPAL: Women Raped by Security Personnel During Conflict Demand Compensation

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Nepal News
Southern Asia
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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Women who were raped by "security personnel" during the insurgency period have demanded that the government provide them compensation, state-owned news agency RSS reported Tuesday. They put forth the demand before the local Peace Committee which was collecting the details of conflict victims.

The victims said they were raped by gun-toting security personnel who came on patrols in villages. Some of them said they were raped in front of their husbands and family members. They complained that the authorities concerned did not provide them any support, though they collected the details of the raped women several times. "Many organisations had pledged to provide compensation, but they just played with us and ignored at the end," said a woman on condition of anonymity. "Has anyone booked any rapist Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police personnel?" she questioned.

The raped women are the real conflict victims and it is the duty of the government to provide them with compensation, said Birendra Thapa of Pipaladi. According to the report of the Peace Committee, there are four raped women at Pipaladi-6 and 13 at Pipaladi-4.