OTHER: The Ministry of Women's Affairs is not idle!

Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 19:00
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The Ministry for the Status of Women and Women's Rights is not idle. The Minister, Marie Yanick Mézile multiplies the actions and intensify its efforts to enable girls and women to enjoy the same rights and privileges as men.

It is in this sense that several initiatives are undertaken as part of the Ministry 's policy. The major perspectives in 2013 are among other things, a partnership with the Universities in Haiti, to allow effective supervision of students in their thesis work. To this end, the Ministry commits to pay the masters of memory and support these students, until the oral presentation in order to orient them on the labor market.

On the other hand, the Ministry, after having inaugurated the first Women's House in Port-au-Prince, is working to implement the same structure in all departments in the country. The Women's House is the place of expression for women of all ages and of all types. It is today the departments of the South and the North that are on the list and everything is already in place to provide these two departments of a house for women in a short time.

In addition, to solve the problem of merchants, including the "mandan sara", the minister is working to build dormitories at Salomon Market in Port-au-Prince and other markets in the city of Les Cayes .

After the great Forum in March 2012, which was attended by delegations of women from all departments around the various problems faced by the female gender, Marie Yanick Mézile plays on all fronts to find solutions to the difficulties faced by Haitian women from any category they belong.

One of the major objectives of 2013 for the Minister, is to provide each department of the country, of a House of Women "The collaboration of all sectors is fundamental in the realization of such a program," stresses the Minister who believes that the year 2013 is decisive for her and his government. "There are so many things to do in the country, that our results are not very visible. I understand that it is expected that the Government Martelly-Lamothe provides solutions to all problems. But we sometimes forget that this government has been in power for less than two years. We are aware of our mission as well as the misery in which people find themselves and we are doing everything possible and imaginable, to overcome the evil that plagues our guts."

"The objectives for 2013 are great," according to Marie Yanick Mézile which promises to redouble efforts to ensure that women enjoy new lives. Despite the difficult conditions and the limited means of his ministry, Marie Yanick Mézile, commits a little more each day to improve the situation of women, conscious of being part of a government that demands results and sacrifices for change the living conditions in Haiti.