OTHER: UNDP and Labor Ministry of Uzbekistan Launch New Project

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Sunday, April 17, 2011 - 20:00
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Having a job allows us to treat our family with tasty food, enjoy friendships with our colleagues and most importantly see our personal contribution in helping the country prosper. Employment and creation of new jobs is one of government priorities.

Considering the scope and complexity of this task, partnerships of state organizations, private business and civil society institutions are crucial.

A new project "Inclusive employment and social partnership" was launched on 12 April. It will be implemented by UNDP and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population in partnership with the Women's Committee, Uzbek Society of Disabled, Republican Council of Trade Unions, National Center on Human Rights and others. The project will work to help persons with disabilities and women.

The Inclusive Employment project will be working the following 3 years in 5 regions of Uzbekistan including Tashkent, Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, Bukhara and Jizzakh. The project will consist of several inter-related components that improve employment policy making, data-collection, analysis and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) by creating an on-line "Labor market" system, involving civil society organizations in policy making, supporting women for realizing their professional potential and mainstreaming gender and increasing capacity of NGOs and state bodies in providing vocational training, employment and other social services.

Creating new social enterprises, one of the integral components of the project, will support work integration of people experiencing difficulties in the labor market or at risk of exclusion from the labor market and society.

To this day over 2,400 people with disabilities are employed at social enterprises created as part of organizations dealing with disabled people, making up 7% of the total employed persons with disabilities who work in the official sector of the economy.

As a final result of the project more than 500 persons with disabilities and vulnerable women will be employed giving 500 more people a chance to live a better and inclusive life.

The Inclusive Employment project is a follow up to the successful partnership between UNDP and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population in promoting rights of persons with disabilities.

The "ACCESS" - accessibility, citizenship, employment and social support for persons with disabilities - project empowered social integration and employment for people with disabilities by raising awareness and creating a positive public opinion on issues of disability, improved coordination and capacity of public and non-state actors in implementing national legislation in the field of disability, promoted access to social infrastructure and created a system of social support and employment of people with disabilities.