PAKISTAN: 'Education is the Fundamental Right of Every Woman'

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Arab News
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Pakistan's Minister for Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan visited Effat University on Tuesday, with the message of women empowerment, and praised the great efforts of Queen Effat, the wife of the late King Faisal, and her vision of educating Saudi women.

“Today that vision has taken the shape of a marvelous university,” she said and stressed the viability of Saudi women interacting with their Pakistani counterparts to spread the message of peace and enlightenment.

She added that women should be educated, as “it's the fundamental right of every woman to get access to knowledge and information.”

Moreover, the importance of women could not be overlooked or negated because “they are not only homemakers and mothers but also policy makers, economists, educationists, lawyers, doctors and other important professionals,” said Firdous.

The minister reiterated that she and the women of her country would like to extend solidarity between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in every possible way.

She spoke about cultural exchange programs between Effat University and Pakistani universities and proposed exchange festivals and exhibitions.

She urged everyone to become a conscientious member of society, strengthen each other through kindness and support, and wholeheartedly thanked Effat University President Haifa Jamal Al-Lail for giving her the opportunity to address her thoughts and ideas at Effat University.

Haifa thanked her profusely for her words of wisdom.