PAKISTAN: PTI Women Hold Rally Against Drone Attacks

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
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The protesting female workers led by PTI leader Aysha Gulalay Wazir were holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the possible military offensive and killing of innocent people including women and children in the US drone attacks in Waziristan agency. They also raised full-throated slogans against the rulers and the US drone attacks.

On the occasion, addressing the protestors PTI leader Gulalay alleged that the incumbent rulers for the sake of gaining US appeasement and getting their vested interest, are making preparations for military operation in Waziristan agency. She added that due to this illogical military assault a peace accord in the agency will also be fail and the selfish rulers will pretend the law-and-order situation in the country and will delay the upcoming general elections.

"Hundreds of innocent tribesmen including women and children have been killed and maimed in the US secrete drone campaign for last eight years in FATA", Ms Galalay grumbled. Similarly, she said thousands of families have fled from their hometown in wake of unjustified and illogical military operations.

Despite the excessive security forces operations, she viewed that peace wasn't established rather extremism increased in tribal region. She alleged that the government plans to launch a military operation in North Waziristan on behest of US and foreign mentors, but that will be the absolute mistake of the government, she warned.

Regarding the PTI peace march in Waziristan Agency, she claimed that the party has proved a referendum against the so-called US war on terror, adding that the tribal women and children are continuously protesting against the prolonged military operations and unmanned US planes campaign in tribal region, she vowed. The rulers shouldn't take political gains at the expense of masses' destruction, as it will bring dire consequences; she warned and asked the government to repel the impression of military action against tribesmen and take practical steps for sustainable peace in the region.

Meanwhile, activists of FATA Students Federation (FSF) took-out a 'stable Pakistan' rally here at Sher Shah Suri Road outside press club. The rally was led by FSF Khyber Agency President Maseet Khan Afridi, vice president Ayub Shah and Abdul Malik.