PALESTINE: Palestinian Women's Business Forum to participate in HCEF's 3rd Business, Investments & ICT Conference

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
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Palestinian women have long been known for being an integral part of Palestinian society, whether working for local businesses, homemaking, or participating in civil society. In recent years, things have been changing for the Palestinian woman, largely through the efforts of powerful women thinkers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, such as Amal Masri Moghrabi, co-founder and chairwoman of the Palestinian Women's Business Forum (PWB). In 1987, Moghrabi, along with her husband, established their own engineering office, Al Moghrabi Consulting Engineering Office in Ramallah, which is now one of the most well-known engineering offices in the governance. Moghrabi is well known throughout the country for designing Palestine's premiere modern structures, including a 'Best Eastern' hotel and the city of Rawabi, Palestine's first planned city and the largest private sector project ever to be carried out in Palestine.

Moghrabi, leading the PWB will be participating in the 3rd Business, Investment, and Information, and Communications Technology Conference, held during the HCEF's 14th Annual International Conference. The Forum hopes to share information regarding major contributions of businesswomen and women entrepreneurs. It also presents an opportunity for Palestinian and American businesswomen and businessmen to network and discuss the current business climate.

Sir Rateb Rabie, KCHS, HCEF President/CEO believes the HCEF conference presents the perfect setting for exchange of ideas and seeds for future collaboration. "This conference is all about continuing our commitment to peace, prosperity, and dialogue. Women are an integral part of the Palestinian society and have made great gains for themselves and the country, in terms of working towards peace and prosperity, at the individual level and at the national level. Women have a natural ability to reach across boundaries and engage in dialogue so we want to provide a base upon which Palestinian businesswomen can build to reach out and create the opportunities that will build their relationships with partners in the United States and the Palestinian nation."

The 14th International Conference, scheduled to be held at the National 4H Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD, Friday and Saturday, November 9-10, 2012, will feature internationally renowned Palestinian, Arab American, and American leaders, professionals, and scholars, including Amal Masri Moghrabi.