PHILIPPINES: Women and Peace Advocates Laud and Celebrate Historic Framework Agreement

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Women Engaged in Action On 1325
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Peace Processes

WE Act 1325 wishes to be counted among the many civil society organizations and other stakeholders who celebrate the breakthrough in the peace negotiations between the GPH and MILF. We commend the Aquino administration for the political will it demonstrated, and thank the members of the negotiating panels for having forged the framework agreement which is up for signing a week from now.

We note with great enthusiasm the Framework Agreement's inclusion of two significant provisions directly relating to and recognizing women's rights and important role in peacebuilding- that is the right of women to meaningful political participation and protection from all forms of violence; and the right to equal opportunity and non-discrimination in social and economic activity and public service, regardless of class, creed, disability, gender or ethnicity.

We enjoin all peace loving citizens of Mindanao and the country to support this development that may just usher in a new era for the peoples of Mindanao.

We look forward to the meaningful participation of women in the new political entity that will be created and in the crafting and implementation of the basic law