RWANDA: Central African Republic Legislators Tour Musanze

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
The New Times
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Two women Members of Parliament from the Central African Republic (CAR), yesterday met with members of National Women's Council (CNF) in Musanze district, to draw lessons on various women activities in political and economic development.

Rachel Ningawong Mallo, and Alima Diarra, both members of the gender and development commission, are in the country on a three-day visit to learn about Rwanda's achievements in women emancipation.

Ningawong said that they decided to visit Rwanda to understand the country's success story, particularly the role of women in peace building in the post Genocide period

The MPs, accompanied by their Rwandan counterparts, Anastasie Gahondogo, and Theresa Murekatete, held discussions with district authorities, members of the CNF and also visited women cooperatives in Kinigi Sector.

"Our short stay here already shows that Rwanda is exemplary, the women's council should be emulated in all African countries, and we need an international women's council," Ningawong said.

The lawmakers also visited a solidarity camp (Itorero r"Igihugu) site for secondary school leavers at APEDI-Rwaza, where the majority of the participants are girls.

"Women here are involved at all decision making levels, they have gained economic independence, this is what women in Africa still lack," Ningawong said.

Musanze Mayor, Winifridah Mpembyemungu, said CNF had become a powerful agent for women empowerment, especially rural women, who can now easily access credit after they were sensitized to join cooperatives.