SIERRA LEONE: 'I am Proud to be the Only Female Out of Ten Approved by Parliament' -Women Representative

Friday, September 17, 2010
Western Africa
Sierra Leone
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 

Speaking to Miss Harriette K. Sillah the female who was endorsed by Parliament as women's representative in the National Youth Commission, she was very excited while expressing her views to this press. “I felt highly esteemed as the only female amongst nine (9) men that have been approved by the House of Parliament.”

Miss Sillah said she is very proud being a member of the 50/50 group to represent her fellow youths in the Commission.

She appealed to the youths of Sierra Leone to cooperate with the Commission as they have been appointed to work on their behalf and also they should make their views known to the Commission so that they would be able to pass it on to Parliament.

She advised the youth of Sierra Leone to deviate from crime and other dubious acts that will hinder the development of the country.
“I am discouraged to some extent because I was expecting the Commission to be gender based but it is not so. I hope that in time to come Parliament would approve more women in the Commission.

Miss Sillah stressed that her function is to be one of policy making, working with the youths through existing youth organizations, educating them about their civil responsibilities and sensitizing them on the effects of drug abuse and crime.

The Women representative said although representing women, she does not consider herself to be gender biased but that she would equally support programmes for male youths.