SIERRA LEONE: Rape on the Increase in Kono

Monday, July 19, 2010
Concord Times
Western Africa
Sierra Leone
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

A representative of the 50/50 group in Kono district has revealed that rape is currently on the increase in the area.

In an interview with Concord Times, Khadijatu Saffa-Moriba said one way to help eradicate the menace was for perpetrators to face the full wrath of the law, adding, "Rape is preventing women not to come out and take active part in governance as a result of the stigma. We have so many rape cases still lying under the carpet."

She noted that the women of Kono were more concerned recently about the alleged rape of a 12-year-old girl by an elder in the chiefdom council.

"Kono is having so many victims of rape as justice is not done because some people hold the traditional view that local authorities are well respected and that they should be seen protecting their people including chiefdom speakers," she explained.

Director of family support unit, Faniella Kella said since the inception of the FSU, a lot of rape cases have been reported but dealt with less as a result of withdrawal by family members.

Recently in Kono, a chiefdom speaker in Bungalow, Tankoro chiefdom was alleged to have raped a 12-year-old girl in the chiefdom.