SOLOMON ISLANDS: Involvement of Women in Election Processes Vital: Kari

Monday, June 21, 2010
Solomon Star
Solomon Is.
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“Leave the kitchen and cooking for a while, come out and involve” is a strong message to women from Solomon Islands first female Member of Parliament Hilda Kari.

Speaking at the Media Association of Solomon Islands' (MASI) first media forum under the subject “why Solomon Islands' women need to take part in the election processes”, Mrs. Kari said women need to understand and actively involve in the election processes inorder to secure success in the election.

“Because the Process of electing members is not merely the day we go and cast our ballot papers but it starts well before that.

“And because there is need for women to understand the process to seriously involve, if they take interest and leave kitchen and cooking for a while, they will actively involve when they understand the process.

She said the first process women need to really understand is they must go and register.

“Leave work and take an interest to register– that is the start of the process.

“Not only that but women too must take an interest to introduce their own parties and we must have the interest in formulating and actively involving in political parties.

“Those are some of the process that women need to actively participate in from the start in a lead up to the election.

She said it is often a practice that women initiate their interest in contesting the election without laying that foundation.

“And because of issues affecting individuals, families and the nation, women should join parties so that they can be involve in policy making.

“That is the time for women to include what they feel are missing and need to be done will be included by cautioning those parties of the issues.

“We need to be in the process.”

Mrs Kari said from that understanding, women need to be in the process from the very start.

“We cannot just come and contest without being actively involve.

“It's to do with policies. Women often don't understand what policies are about.

“I believe if women understand these processes and actively involve, we can get there somehow.”

Meanwhile she said it is not the culture of seeing women as subordinates to men that is a hindrance.

“Many women in very strong cultural areas are also coming through, I don't' think culture is a real problem, I think its attitude,” she said.

She said she is yet to confirm her decision to contest the upcoming election.

“I have been thinking of contesting but now cannot confirm whether that is going to be real or not.”