SOLOMON ISLANDS: Kari Applauds Women's Party

Monday, June 21, 2010
Solomon Star
Solomon Is.
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SOLOMON Islands' first female to enter parliament Hilda Kari describes the introduction of women's political party as a step in the right direction for women.

Speaking during yesterday's media forum, Mrs Kari said such initiative and interest can bring women into the focus.

“Inorder for women to actively involve, they must introduce their political parties or join political parties.

“Women must take such interest and initiatives.”

She congratulated Mrs Delma Nori for taking the bold initiative in introducing the political party.

“She is the first Solomon Islands woman to introduce a political party, therefore I must congratulate her,” she said.

Although she ruled out joining the party, Mrs Kari said if she decide to contest the upcoming National General Election, she will be joining Manasseh Sogovare's OUR Party.

She said that she favours OUR Party because its policy on land accommodates her aims and issues she wants to address if voted in.

Mrs Kari has been a People's Alliance Party supporter up until 2001.