SOLOMON ISLANDS: Solomon Islands Women Not Ready for Police Rearmament

Thursday, February 16, 2012
Radio New Zealand International
Solomon Is.
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The National Council of Women in Solomon Islands says women in the country are not ready for police to be rearmed.
The NGO's comments follow the Prime Minister's announcement yesterday that specially trained police officers will be rearmed with weapons of non-lethal force including spray devices and rubber bullet guns.

The Vice President of the National Council of Women, Ella Kauhue, says women are not confident about the rearmament and believes the police force has other priorities.

“I think the police should look more at issues like gender-based violence which women of Solomon Islands are facing; sexual abuse that is going on among young girls is very high and these are priority issues that the police should be looking at to make women of Solomon Islands and young girls of this country feel protected and safe before they can look at police being rearmed.”

Ella Kauhue says law and order cannot yet be trusted and says she would not be surprised if all police gain access to the arms.