SOMALIA: Somali Women Groups Opposed to New Draft Constitution

Monday, September 13, 2010
Markadeey News
Eastern Africa
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Some of Somali women groups in Banaadir Region are blaming Prime Minister Umar Abdirashid Sharmarke to be behind civilian harassment including constant shelling in Mogadishu Bakaaraha Market. Our correspondent Isma'il Tifow Hassan has the details.

[Isma'il] Somalia's women in Banaadir Region blame the premier for the turmoil in Mogadishu, they also accuse him of fuelling chaos in peaceful residences in capital by constant shelling in Mogadishu's Bakaaraha market after he ordered the AU peacekeeping forces to shell Mogadishu at twenty four-hours.

"We call for the transitional government to stop the heavy artillery shelling of Mogadishu markets by foreign forces, every Somali is a Muslim, so we're very concerned about the innocent civilians killed in Mogadishu's Bakaaraha Market every day ," Mama Halima Adow said.

She said that it is very deplorable that the premier announces a constitution which is against the Islamic Religion, adding that Somalis are Muslim and have common cause against the draft constitution for the country.

"The Premier did nothing except killings, firing bullets and causing bloodshed and more so, he proposes new draft constitution which is against the teachings of Islamic Religion which the basic constitution for every Muslim," Mama Halima said.

She said that the premier doesn't have somewhere to implement the new constitution and urged Somalis who are in a good position to practice the Islamic teachings and rule the country according to its teachings. She finally called on Somalis in country to unite and defeat the AU peacekeepers whom she said always shell innocent civilians in Mogadisho.