SUDAN: 7 Rape Cases in Shagra and 1 in Garsila by Uniformed Darfur Militia

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Eastern Africa
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General Women, Peace and Security
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Armed men wearing uniforms and mounted on camels committed seven rapes in Shagra area, targeting displaced women who had gone out of their camps to harvest crops. Seven rape victims were from Abu Shouk Camp. Another girl was raped elsewhere in Darfur, in Garsila.

A women's rights activist in El Fasher told Radio Dabanga that a first incident occurred when camel herders attacked and raped women farm workers last Wednesday. The second incident occurred Friday, also in Shagra, when herders raped three women at night near the farms. According to the activist, the women were first severely beaten with sticks, then raped. Afterward they were taken to the hospital in El Fasher to receive treatment.

In Garsila Locality in West Darfur, an armed group on Sunday raped a 15-year old girl. A relative said that the perpetrators were gunmen who came on three camels and horses and were wearing military uniform. They intercepted the girl as she was on her way to gather firewood. They raped her alternately and then slashed her ears (in order to mark her permanently as a rape victim).