SUDAN: Government and SLM Blame Each Other for Murder of Two Women

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Radio Dabanga
Eastern Africa
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The bodies of two women who had been raped and murdered in Gerud locality were found in the region of Kara, South Darfur on Sunday.

Speaking to a local radio station in Nyala on Monday, the government accused the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-AW) led by Abdul Wahid of carrying out the attack.

The SLM strongly denied any involvement in the incident and blamed the government security services for committing the act and dumping the women's bodies in the area controlled by the SLM. They said this was to create tension and unrest amongst the tribes of the region.

The Secretary-general of the SLM-AW Salih Rasas told Radio Dabanga that their movement had taken up arms against oppression and marginalization to stop rape and genocide, not to become involved in those types of acts.

Governor blames SLM-AW

The governor of South Darfur Abdul Hamid Musa Kasha said that the SLM-AW faction led by Siam Tonkoy and Karbeeno, were responsible for the rapes and deaths of the two women.

Following a meeting in Nyala with the African Union and the United Nations Mission in Darfur yesterday, the governor said that the group were coming from the north of Jebel Marra to Gerud locality and abducted the women, raping and shooting them both in the head.

Local security said that the guards of Karbeeno have been captured and will be brought to court.