UGANDA: UNICEF Condemns Acid Attacks

Friday, December 30, 2011
Uganda Pulse
Eastern Africa
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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

International Child rights organisation UNICEF-Uganda has strongly condemned the increasing incidents of acid attack against people especially women.

UNICEF Uganda Partnerships Specialist, George Ebong cited the acid attack which was done on a female member of staff at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council recently, which is UNICEF'S key partner in the Zero Violence Against Women and Children campaign before pastor Umar Mulinde was also attacked with acid last week.

George Ebong said that acid incident reflects the critical levels of brutality that women and community often suffer when violence is meted out against them, particularly in a domestic setting.

He condemned this heinous acid attack, and appeals to all stakeholders to join hands with the relevant authorities to ensure that all women enjoy their right to live in a safe, violence-free environment in Uganda.

He also called for decisive action to ensure that justice is served to deter similar crimes against women from reoccurring in Uganda.

Ebong noted acid attack in Uganda is most done on women and not much is done to stop such acts despite of the presence of a Constitution that protects the rights of women and children.

Her says in 2010, the 8th Parliament approved the Domestic Violence Act, which explicitly bans and punishes any form of domestic violence against women and community.