UGANDA: Women Denied Property Inheritance

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
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Human Rights

OVER 80% of women in northern Uganda are denied the right to own property.The remark was made by Gulu chief magistrate Joseph Omodonyanga.

While officiating at celebrations to mark International Human Rights Day, last Friday at Pece Stadium in Gulu, Omodonyanga said women's rights to inherit property were still gravely abused.

“Men prefer to hand down their property to boys instead of girls, who are more responsible than the boys,” he said.

He noted that widows are hit hardest because they are direct victims in case of the loss of a husband.

In-laws often times deny women the opportunity to inherit their husband's property, thus exposing them to vulnerability, said Omodonyanga.

He further explained that “Uganda has one of the best constitutions as far as making provisions for human rights issues is concerned, but these good provisions are frustrated by officers charged with enforcement.