UNITED STATES: Presidential Proclamation for Women's History Month, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
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On February 28, 2011, the White House released President Obama's proclamation reaffirming March as Women's History Month and March 8, 2011 as International Women's Day. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the holiday celebrating women. In the proclamation, the President applauds the accomplishments of women in all walks of life while reminding us that “there is still work to be done before women achieve true parity”.

President Obama explains that the rights of women around the world have been a focus of the current administration's foreign policy. The United States has incorporated gender equality considerations into all aspects of development assistance as well as working to increase the participation of women in conflict resolution and prevention.

America, the President states, should be leading the world by example by supporting empowerment of women and protecting women's rights. Yet in spite of the nation's progress, “too many women continue to be paid less than male workers, and women are significantly underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields”.

The President reaffirms his administration's dedication to addressing women's concerns through The White House Council on Women and Girls. The Council's purpose is to “remove the obstacles to achievement” by supporting entrepreneurship and promoting economic stability for women, the majority of whom are financially responsible for American families. President Obama also points out that every agency within the Federal Government has been called upon and responded with “unprecedented cooperation” to working towards ending violence and abuse towards women.