U.S./PAKISTAN: US Launches Gender Equity Programme

Thursday, February 24, 2011
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The US government launched a five-year ‘Gender Equity Programme' in Pakistan in 2011, to advance women's human rights and support Pakistani government's policies against gender inequities, says a press release issued here Wednesday.

The programme has been launched with the support of The Asia Foundation and Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation. The grants under this project are aimed at eliminating gender-based violence, easier access to justice and human rights for women and women empowerment. In continuation of this, Individualland Pakistan, has stepped in to highlight the issue of Gender Equity in Pakistan.

Individualland Pakistan, an Islamabad based non-profit development organisation with a national footprint, has partnered with Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation, under USAID supported Gender Equity Programme (GEP) in collaboration with The Asia Foundation, and has initiated a project to sensitise the media personnel belonging to print and electronic media, regarding gender equality/equity.