YEMEN: Constitutional Texts To Protect The Yemeni Women's Rights

Sunday, May 4, 2014
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Yemeni women are fighting for their rights in the same way as Western women. It is time for them to ensure their hard won liberties in the new constitution.

April 25th marked a conferenced organized by the Italian organization Minerva and International Law Association, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that was called Women's Rights in the Constitution and Asserting them in Yemeni Society.

In the opening ceremony, Ambassador of Italy Luciano Galli is doing what many other countries failed to do by conducting the National Dialogue Conference. Galli says that he is proud to see the NDC enfranchise Yemeni women, and begin to introduce them to political life.

“Today's meeting is considered valuable to the confience given to the Yemeni transition and Italy is proud to offer its support.”

Galli added that the conference would reflect the achievement of Italian women as well, and the contribution that Italy has made to the transition period.

“Women and men will work together to build new roles in Yemeni society.”

Minister of Social Affairs Amat Razaq Humad said that the NDC outputs are the primary agent for all women to achieve a better future.

“I think the NDC outputs did justice to women, especially through the quota of 30% participation in economic, social, and policy areas. The participation of women everywhere is now needed to implement the decisions, and in Yemen, if there is not a strong hand, then women will not be able to achieve equality and full participation in society.”

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice Dr. Abdualkarim Obad said that women have played a pioneering and leading role in all phases of the revolution, and were integral in reminding Yemenis that rights are taken, not given.

“What should be achieved for Yemeni women now lies in the new constitution.”

NDC Secretary-General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak says that women have played a pivotal role in the NDC.

“They have been an active partner, and today, Yemeni women have achieved a lot in national politics compared to elsewhere in the region. Women still need to fight on, though, as the achievements are not perfect and don't reflect their potential.”

“We cannot go on while half our population is disabled from completing the struggle.”

Presidential advisor Dr. Abdualkarim al-Eryani reflected on Italian involvement in his own life.

“I remember that in my childhood, a dangerous virus spread in our village and many children died. I was sick too, but at the last moment, two Italian doctors came and cured us.”

At the end of the workshop, participants stressed that NDC is only a framework, and that Yemeni women must fight in all spheres of society with international support to achieve their dignity and human rights.