Commission on the Status of Women 60 Preview

By: Marta Bautista, Local to Global Monitor

Photo credit: UN Women

Just one month to go for one of the most exciting times of the year for women's rights advocacy – the Commission on the Status of Women Session 60 (CSW60) is almost here!

This year, CSW60 will occur from 14 March until 24 March 2014 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. WILPF will be participating with a delegation of over 40 WILPF women from all around the world who are passionate about gender equality and sustainable peace.

Join us for our main event:

We are also engaging in a variety of other events to strengthen feminist mobilisation for change - stay tuned for updates!

UN Women has already posted a calendar of the many side events organized around CSW 60 at the UN building. For an overview of all the events, click here.

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For information on WILPF’s engagement last year (CSW 59), this year (CSW 60) and otherwise, see our website here>>