#Fragility Forum2018: Leveraging Financing For Feminist Peace

By Marina Kumskova, Women, Peace and Security Programme Associate

Some of the participants of the 2018 Fragility Forum in Washington DC (Photo: World Bank)

On 5-7 March 2018, the World Bank held the 2018 Fragility Forum in Washington, DC, where relevant stakeholders met to search for new and innovative ways to foster peace and stability. As part of WILPF’s work to #MoveTheMoney from war to gender equality and peace, WILPF participated in this event with a goal to identify opportunities for strengthening multilateral action, addressing the root causes of violence and moving from political economies of war to economies of peace and gender justice.

Under the umbrella of a joint World Bank-UN Pathways for Peace Report, the Forum affirmed that the best way to prevent crisis is through investment in inclusive and sustainable development. However, the discussion fell short when it came to strengthening a gendered approach in conflict prevention. To prevent and manage risks to peace and stability, it is essential to address the root causes of conflict and violence and promote women’s human rights and political economies of justice and peace. As WILPF’s work has demonstrated, it requires reorienting work around local women’s voices for nonviolence and justice, and strengthening feminist movements.

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