Human Rights Council Takes Action to Address Firearms and Transnational Corporations

Written by: Sara Malamud

With the conclusion of the Human Rights Council's 26th session on 27th June 2014, WILPF is pleased to report that our advocacy has contributed to two important resolutions: one on firearms and one on transnational companies.

Building on WILPF's advocacy and side events in Geneva highlighting women's experiences with gun violence both in public and private spaces, the resolution on Human Rights and the Regulation of Civilian Acquisition, Possession and Use of Firearms recognizes that the misuse of firearms by civilians negatively effects the human rights of civilians to life and security, including death of women as a result of inter-partner violence, and calls on states to regulate civilian use of firearms to protect those rights.

The Council also passed a vital resolution on Internationally Legally Binding Instrument on Transnational Corporations and Other Businesses. This resolution calls for an open-ended intergovernmental working group that will regulate the work of corporations and reduce the number of serious human rights violations such as exploitation or forced displacement. For more information, reach the full Human Rights Council round-up or learn about WILPF's Paths to Justice project and why you should get involved.