Inaugural Meeting of the WILPF African Working Group

The inaugural meeting of the WILPF Africa Working Group was held in Enugu, Nigeria on the 16th February and was attended by members of WILPF- DRC and Nigeria.

The African working group was initiated during the WILPF congress in Costa Rica (August 2011) with Joy Onyesoh of Nigeria as the convener. The working group would have as part of its mandate the building of solidarity and WILPF membership within the African Region, taking into cognisance our peculiar challenges, cultural, social, economic and political similarities within the region.

Expected Results from AWG 2012-2015

Emergence of more African sections and growth in WILPF membership.

A clearer understanding/practice of UNSCR 1325 among the African regional member sections/groups.

Greater solidarity and cooperation within the region

A co-ordinated advocacy on specific women issues within the region.

Greater visibility of the grass root women within the existing Africa sections

Emergence and sustenance of a very visible YWILPF in the region.

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