It’s Time To #MoveTheMoney: WILPF Launches WPS Financing Toolkit

By Grace Jennings-Edquist

WILPF Secretary-General Madeleiene Rees and WILPF/PeaceWomen Director Abigail Ruane address delegates at the Launch of the Financing Toolkit (Photo: Orla Sheridan)

Of all the exciting events at the AWID International Forum, the launch of WILPF/PeaceWomen’s #MoveTheMoney toolkit was one of the most exciting for our PeaceWomen team.

WILPF produced the toolkit to address the striking disparity between military funding and peace and gender equality funding across the globe. In 2015, there was a global military expenditure of $1.6 trillion. Meanwhile, only two percent of aid to fragile states in 2012-2013 targeted gender equality as a principal objective.

The toolkit shows that instead of funding war, the United Nations and member states should invest in feminist financing, including gender-responsive budgeting, transparency in defence budgets, national action plans on women, peace, and security, and civil society-inclusive UN funds.

The toolkit includes a range of materials - including a motion graphics explainer video available in five languages - intended to boost action on women, peace and security financing.

Case studies, fact sheets and social media graphics are also available to download as part of the toolkit, which is intended to stimulate advocacy among non-governmental actors and push the United Nations and national governments to shift their funding focus.

Join us in spreading the word that it is time to #MoveTheMoney from war to gender equality and peace!

Find WILPF/PeaceWomen’s Women, Peace and Security Financing Toolkit at

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