Learning from the Feminist Peace Movement in Africa

By Rocio Maradiegue, Women, Peace and Security Programme Consultant  

WILPF members at the December 2017 WILPF Africa Regional Conference in the DRC (Photo Credit: WILPF)

On 18 August 2018, WILPF held a Forum on the Feminist Peace Movement in Africa. The Forum took place in Ghana, where 250 women from 16 African countries and international WILPF sections and partners attended. The aim of the Forum was to bring together women peace activists to address various topics, including root causes of violence, the role of women in social transformation, economic justice and peace building, all within the context of Africa. The Forum showcased the long-standing and powerful feminist peace movement that keeps growing despite the process of exporting violence and exploiting lives across Africa. 

The outcomes of the Forum revolved around the reality that the feminist peace movement in Africa is diverse, active, growing and robust. “African feminist peace activists need to unite regionally and continue to connect with the progressive global women’s movement”, said the newly-elected WILPF President, Joy Onyesoh. Global feminist peace movements share the challenge of the glorification of militarism and war. In order to increase the power of the movement, it is essential to expand women’s influence, meaningful participation and rights as well as strengthen solidarity and alliances between each other.

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