National Commitments

One year after the 10th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (SCR 1325) and the launch of the Commitments Initiative, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), has reviewed progress and gaps on national commitments.

We selected 15 WILPF sections from different regions to participate in this review process.

The review found that the majority of commitments were neither concrete or time-bound as anticipated by civil society. From those reviewed, the majority of the commitments were not realized by Member States. Out of the 15 evaluations, 11 stated that the commitments were not fully realized and cited only partial completion. A small number of WILPF sections reported no progress. These failures are the consequences of a reported lack of political will, lack of resources, failure to timely prioritize implementation, and unsuitable commitments. Despite these draw backs, WILPF witnessed a good example of how civil society, through the commitments initiative, was able to achieve results. The WILPF section review also resulted in the realization of emerging themes and WILPF analysis on broader SCR 1325 implementation.

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