NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security

On this 10th Anniversary of resolution 1325, the NGOWG recommends the Security Council support a system of implementation that would build on and enhance existing monitoring procedures, act as an early warning system to prevent violence, and result in concrete consequences for flouting the Council's directives. This system would provide oversight and coordination, information analysis in real time, and could suggest action to prevent imminent or further infractions. We strongly feel that this recommendation is in line with the request from the Security Council itself, which has been reiterated by Council members; that it provides a system that could be implemented and developed to provide leadership as the indicators are developed and piloted; and that would provide a clear path for UN Women's engagement on this issue.

The key ingredients of a comprehensive and transparent system of implementation are:

· Oversight and leadership within the Security Council: provided by 1-2 Council members, such as the Council currently uses for sanctions committees and on other thematic areas.

· Consistent, meaningful information on the key areas of the women, peace and security agenda, delivered regularly to the Security Council: This would be the information provided by the UN's global indicators and from other sources as relevant to women, peace and security. All indicators would be reported on in all country reports, and an annual report would provide an overview and evaluation of the entire women, peace and security agenda. Thematic reports should include indicator information when relevant.

· Expertise and analysis to contextualize information/data from the field via a specialized women, peace and security section in UN Women.

· A clear set of options - particularly those that draw on current operational capabilities - for the Security Council and UN entities to fully implement women, peace and security obligations: these would include "good practice" for addressing WPS issues in SC missions, mandate renewals, Arria formula meetings, etc, and clarity on what needs to be enhanced in current toolbox, which could include sanctions, protection of civilians, and children and armed conflict.

Monthly Action Points (MAP)

The NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security has released the October 2010 version of our Monthly Action Points (MAP) on Women, Peace and Security for the UN Security Council. For October,in which Uganda has the Security Council Presidency, the MAP provides recommendations on country situations such as Afghanistan, Chad & CAR, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, and Sudan. In addition, the MAP highlights the importance of concrete and substantive action on the 10th Anniversary of SCR 1325 in October and during the consideration of the Secretary-General's report on women and peacebuilding.