Recent Open Debates

By Stephanie Bloom, PeaceWomen

PeaceWomen's Debate Watch tracks, compiles and analyzes women and gender language in statements made during the Security Council's debate to facilitate opportunities for advocacy and accountability.

Peace and Security - Terrorist Acts
September 27, 2010

Fourteen representatives attended the September 27th Security Council meeting on “Peace and Security- Terrorist Acts”. Each Head of State and Government made explicitly clear that terrorism poses a great threat to international stability and security and remains a large hindrance to worldwide peace. Although all were unanimous in their commitment to preventing and prohibiting terrorist acts, they were much more elusive on how terrorism impacts women; only Lebanon and the United States referenced women in their statements.

Maintenance of International Peace and Security
September 23, 2010

On September 23, 2010 the Security Council held a summit meeting on the “Maintenance of International Peace and Security.” Out of the nine Heads of State and Government and six ministers who spoke, only six made reference to women, peace and security: France, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. For those that did mention issues pertaining to women, peace and security, the references were mainly rooted in strengthening and reinforcing the implementation of UN resolutions.

Upcoming Debates:

October 13, 2010: Post-conflict Peace-building Debate.
The women and peacebuilding report will be discussed in the Security Council during its peace-building debate. Report of the Secretary General on Women's Participation in Peacebuilding (A/65/354-S/2010/466)

October 26, 2010: Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security. Report of the Secretary-General on Women and peace and security (forthcoming S/2010/498.)