Security Council Dialogue: Enhancing African Peacebuilding Capacities 

By Anne Lescure

A wide view of the Security Council open debate on “Enhancing African capacities in the areas of peace and security" (Photo: UN Photo/Mark Garten)

On 19 July 2017 the Security Council open debate under the theme, “Enhancing African Capabilities in the Area of Peace and Security” was convened by the Council’s current president, China. This meeting was framed as an opportunity to discuss policies and procedures that can provide concrete and effective support for strengthening the capacities of African countries in the field of peace and security. The speakers specifically discussed ways to reinforce the potential of the Joint United Nations-African Union Framework for an Enhanced Partnership in Peace and Security, signed on 19 April 2017.
Robust partnerships, coupled with increased financial and technical support for the African Union-led peace operations and a focus on the implementation of the WPS Agenda were outlined as decisive steps to strengthening the platform of cooperation between the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU). Several speakers specifically underlined the need for all steps of cooperation networks to be gender-sensitive as including women in the search for peace and security is “paramount to prosperity and development”.
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