Violence Against Women: South East Asia and Oceania

PeaceWomen is alarmed at the increasing number and frequency of reports of violence against women in South East Asia.

We condemCourtesy of the Solomon Star n the brutal tactics of the Burmese government against its civilization population, specifically the use of rape as a weapon of war. Visit the PeaceWomen News Library to see the variety of news reports confirming the use of these tactics against women. We call on the Burmese government and all relevant actors to bring an immediate end to the use of violence against women and encourage the rehabilitation and participation of women in future national peace-building.

We do however want to also highlight the various reports from South East Asia region indicating the empowerment and participation of women in addition to a growing awareness initatives. PeaceWomen encourages the work of the governments of Australia, Soloman Islands, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea; civil society, and women in these countries who strive for gender equality and participation. Browse the PeaceWomen Country and Regions Library.