WILPF-DRC Launches Work on WILPF's 100th Anniversary Campaign

WILPF-DRC is a vibrant example of the spread of WILPF's work for peace, freedom and gender justice around the world. Although it was only initiated in 2007, this Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) section is already taking the lead in to promote peace and reduce militarism and arms. On June 21st 2013, they hosted a launch event with over 100 participants in Kinshasa to coordinate WILPF-DRC's contributions to WILPF's centennial movement “Women's Power to Stop War.” At the event, WILPF-DRC introduced participants to WILPF's centennial movement and connected participants to WILPF working groups preparing for WILPF's 100th anniversary conference in 2015 in the Hague. They also screened two documentaries: “Women's War” a film highlighting conversations between DRC and Bosnian women about experiences with rape in war, and “Pray the Devil Back to Hell”, Abigail Disney's documentary showcasing the story of Liberian women's successful grassroots activism to establish peace.

This forum strengthened strategic advocacy towards WILPF's global peace work and developed linkages between participants from diverse backgrounds. A wide range of leaders and partners participated: women, girls, men, and boys from WILPF-DRC, University of Kinshasa, other women's groups, Congolese non-governmental organizations (NGOs), women parliamentarians, women from political parties, representatives from the media and private sector, and even women army members. Participants promised to continue to advocate for issues of peace and freedom in their own spheres and in partnership with WILPF. The event was broadcasted in five television stations within the DRC and also linked to national television (RNTC) which was broadcasted outside the DRC on 22th June.

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