Women, Peace, Security Panel Series: WPS Panel Series: Relief and Recovery Pillar:

On Thursday, May 23rd, PeaceWomen, along with the Mission of Liechtenstein and Princeton University, hosted the sixth lecture in our Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) lecture series. The lecture, titled Relief and Recovery Pillar: Reflections on Opportunities and Gaps for Displaced Women and Girls, was delivered by Women's Refugee Commission (WRC) executive director, Sarah Costa. The Relief and Recovery Pillar of the WPS agenda focuses on ensuring that relief needs specific to women and girls are met and that special attention is paid to the most vulnerable, including displaced women and girls, survivors of gender based violence, and those with disabilities. It also calls for efforts to support women's active participation and activities in relief and recovery efforts, including providing women with equal access to livelihoods.

Costa focused on the situation of displaced women and girls and discussed areas where there has been progress, as well as highlighting ongoing challenges and possible ways to meet them. She highlighted key areas and issues including: access to reproductive health care; women's economic empowerment; gender-based violence; men and boys; adolescents; needs and capacities of women and girls with disabilities; and displaced women's participation in leadership.

The lecture stressed that while there have been improvements and progress made in all of these areas, a holistic approach to the WPS agenda that supports and integrates all four pillars is critical for a successful relief and recovery process. Displacement also needs to be prevented, and multisectoral responses are needed to listen to and support displaced women in their leadership and organizing efforts. She asked all stakeholders to work to keep each other accountable and build interlinkages between each other's work to strengthen our efforts and impact in making change.

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