Security Council Resolution 2382: Preamble

PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
General Women, Peace and Security

Noting the increasing scope and reliance on police abilities in United Nations operations and welcoming ongoing efforts to attain specialized capacities, capabilities and technologies for United Nations Police Components, further noting the Policy for Formed Police Units in United Nations Peacekeeping and encouraging Member States to contribute well-trained and appropriately vetted men and women police personnel with appropriate language skills for formed police units (FPUs) with the full complement of agreed contingent-owned equipment,specialized police teams (SPTs) and individual police officers, as well as civilian experts, to effectively implement mandated tasks and facilitate the conditions for transitions and exits;


Recognizing the indispensable role of women in United Nations peacekeeping and special political missions, including the critical role that women play in all peace and security efforts, including by providing diverse perspectives which can assist in building trust with local communities and stressing the need to increase their participation and leadership in decision-making in host-States with regard to policing and the rule of law,

Welcoming the efforts to incentivize greater numbers of women in military and police deployed and appointed to senior positions in United Nations peacekeeping operations, as both IPOs and as part of SPTs and FPUs, and efforts to review the obstacles preventing women’s recruitment and professional advancement; taking note in this regard of the Secretary-General’s System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity which tasks relevant United Nations entities, in consultation with Police - Contributing countries, to develop a separate, dedicated strategy on this matter,

Reaffirming its determination to pursue more prioritization when evaluating, mandating and reviewing United Nations peacekeeping operations, including through strengthening Triangular consultations with Troop and Police-Contributing Countries and the Secretariat, strengthening existing formal mechanisms, and underlining the shared responsibility for meaningful, inclusive, active and dynamic consultations, as well as enhancing its dialogue with host countries, with the aim of fully and successfully implementing peacekeeping mandates,