Statement by the President of the Security Council on Conflict Prevention (S/PRST/2018/1)

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General Women, Peace and Security
Conflict Prevention

"The Security Council underlines the importance of [...] putting emphasis on conflict prevention, preventive diplomacy, peacebuilding and sustaining peace, [and] formulating forward-looking recommendations and strategies in light of [...] contributing factors of conflict, including terrorism, armed group activities, proliferation of WMD, organized crime, illicit trafficking of conventional weapons, in particular small arms and light weapons."

"The Security Council further recalls that a comprehensive conflict prevention strategy should include, inter alia, early warning, preventive deployment, mediation, peacekeeping, non-proliferation, accountability measures as well as post-conflict peacebuilding, and recognizes that these components are interdependent, complementary, and non-sequential."

"The Security Council [...] emphasizes that inclusivity is key to advancing national peacebuilding processes and objectives in order to ensure that the needs of all segments of society are taken into account, and stresses that civil society can play an important role in advancing efforts to sustain peace."

"The Security Council reaffirms the important role of women in peacebuilding, notes the substantial link between women’s full and meaningful involvement in efforts to prevent, resolve and rebuild from conflict and those efforts’ effectiveness and long-term sustainability, and stressing, in this regard, the importance of women’s empowerment and equal participation in all efforts for the maintenance and promotion of peace and security and the need to increase women’s role and leadership in decision-making and with regard to conflict prevention and resolution and peacebuilding, including in national, regional and international institutions and mechanisms for the prevention and resolution of conflict, the consideration of gender-related issues in all discussions pertinent to sustaining peace."

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Statement by the President of the Security Council on Conflict Prevention (S/PRST/2018/1)