Workshop On CAAC And WPS

Centre For International Peace Operations In Berlin

The Federal Foreign Office of Germany and the Center for International Peace Operations is hosting a workshop in Berlin focused on strengthening the implementation of the Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) & Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agendas from February 12-13, 2018. Germany has organized this workshop in previous years and it has over the time turned into a useful platform for an open exchange of thoughts between key stakeholders to the CAAC and WPS agendas.

The workshop seeks to provide a platform to address challenges and opportunities, discuss recent developments and share lessons learned and best practices in implementing the CAAC and WPS agendas. To this end, the workshop will bring together members of the Security Council and members of the Groups of Friends on Children and Armed Conflict and on Women, Peace and Security, alongside representatives of NGOs, academics, field practitioners and policy experts from within the UN system and regional organizations. The workshop will take up the cross-cutting discussions that were conducted last year and will take further the conversation concerning the strengthening of the role of regional organizations and local actors, but also lessons learned.

The aim of the workshop is firstly, to promote the implementation of the WPS and CAAC agendas by multilateral and regional organizations, including through training for military and police. Secondly, to expand the current discourse on peace and security by applying a gender-inclusive lens to improve its implementation, in particular disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) programs and conflict analysis. Thirdly, the workshop aims to discuss the challenges posed by engaging with armed non-state actors by addressing legal obstacles, political and operational challenges.

Please note that the Meeting follows Chatham House rules and will be internal; WPS Programme Director will brief the group on the need to strengthen gender analysis and women's meaningful participation for effective conflict prevention and sustainable peace.