Women, Agriculture And The Vital (R)evolution In US Farming

4 W 43rd Street
United States of America

Scenes of small farms snuggled in rolling hills are not the reality of US agriculture. Farming is big business; built on an industrial model of extraction and exploitation – from confined animal feeding operations to petrochemicals and underpaid farmers and laborers. While this model is promoted as “feeding the world,” it leaves rural communities decimated, a devastation that is being increasingly duplicated around the world. Revitalization must start from the ground up – a revolution that starts with women – farm workers struggling for fair labor conditions, widowed land inheritors requiring conservation practices, and commodity farmers demanding price floors. The creation of an alternative is already underway.

Join WILPF US on March 14, 2018 at 12:30 at 4 West 43rd Street, NYC for this talk.