Why Building Resilience is Critical for the SDGs

Monday, July 16, 2018
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GRP has developed a set of principles to guide its approach to resilience in pursuit of the SDGs. These are:

1. Embrace complexity. Working to identify the root causes of complex development challenges, and how these can be addressed within political, economic, ecological and social systems.

2. Recognise constant change. Risks and stresses are becoming increasingly unpredictable, uncertain and unavoidable. Systems need the capacity to navigate dynamic and uncertain futures.

3. Enable inclusive decision-making. Putting people and communities, especially women and marginalised groups, at the centre of decisions and empowering them to help develop equitable and sustainable solutions.

4. Enhance ecosystems integrity. Approaches to development must ensure a good life for all while maintaining the integrity of the Earth’s ecosystems.

5. Promote flexibility and learning. A rigid or fixed solution will not build resilience for change; approaches need to be adaptive and responsive, constantly learning from success and failure.

6. Leverage innovation and opportunity. Developing new solutions and innovations that address the complexity of development challenges will be essential for transforming to sustainable and just development.

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Why Building Resilience is Critical for the SDGs