Security Council Resolution 2429: Para 44

PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Para 44. Welcomes some improvements in the human rights situation, but condemns ongoing human rights violations and abuses in, and relating to, Darfur, including those involving extrajudicial killings, the excessive use of force, abduction of civilians, acts of sexual and gender-based violence, grave violations against children, and arbitrary arrests and detentions; calls on the Government of Sudan to investigate allegations of such violations and abuses and bring those responsible to justice; expresses deep concern about the situation of all those so detained, including civil society members, IDPs and a UNAMID human rights monitor; emphasises the importance of ensuring, within its current mandate, UNAMID’s and other relevant organisations’ ability to monitor such cases and in this regard urges the Government of Sudan to extend full cooperation to UNAMID towards fulfilment of this goal and to provide accountability and access to justice for victims; calls on the Government of Sudan fully to respect its obligations, including by fulfilling its commitment to lift the state of emergency in Darfur, releasing all political prisoners, ensuring free expression and ensuring UNAMID monitors’ access and freedom of movement, including by refraining from arresting and detaining UNAMID staff;