Security Council Resolution 2431: Para 54

PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Para 54. Strongly condemns all violations and abuses committed against children in armed conflict in Somalia, including the increase in the number of cases of recruitment of children, attacks on schools, and of sexual violence perpetrated against children, demands that the parties to the conflict cease immediately all violations and abuses against children and calls on the FGS to hold perpetrators accountable and to implement fully the Convention of the Rights of the Child 1989, including by ratification of or accession to its Optional Protocols, and the Action Plans signed in 2012, the recently adopted Somali National Army Command Order on the Protection of Children’s Rights before, during and after operations, and the Standard Operation Procedures on the handover of children, and underscores the need to strengthen the legal and operational framework for the protection of children and to strengthen existing vetting mechanisms;