#HerStoryOurStory Resource Against Violence

Monday, September 17, 2018 - 15:30
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This is a resource for ending violence against women and girls in all parts of life. It takes four different characters on a journey for how to stop gender based violence.  

The key messaging of the project is that ending violence against women is feasible.


Ending violence and discrimination against women and girls in the long-term is complex. It requires interventions across sectors and levels to tackle the deeply-rooted gender inequality which fuels it. But it can be stopped, and everybody has a role to play.

Individually and collectively, we must become positive bystanders, standing up for the rights of women and girls and pro-actively speaking out against discrimination and abuse.

By calling out harmful behaviours and attitudes, we will challenge the ingrained norms and inequalities which perpetuate violence and discrimination.

Promoting positive masculinity, which includes being kind, respective and emotional, will also help create a cultural shift in which to be a man does not mean being violent.

For access to this valuable resource please visit http://herstoryourstory.net/en/#home It is available in English, French and Spanish.