Statement of CABO VERDE at UNGA73

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Goverment Statements

“I am referring, for example, to terrorism, which is expanding in many countries; the issue of migration crisis, particularly in the African continent, from where we get news, virtually every day, of youth, children, and women who abandon their homes out of desperation, and venture into the world to face subhuman conditions in search of a better life; the impact of climate change on human security; conflicts and other threats to peace coming to us from all quadrants of the world; the glaring situation of poverty that continues to be a reality challenging our global capacity to leave no one behind.”


“As the Director-General of Unesco stated, and I quote: ‘Hundreds of millions of women and men are destitute, deprived of basic livelihoods and opportunities. Forced population movements are violating rights on unprecedented scale. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promises to leave no one behind – human rights must be the bedrock for all progress moving forward.’”


“We see this in our growing regional asymmetries, which are aggravated by the lack of territorial continuity of an island nation, the nefarious effects of drought and desertification and other climate changes, weak production capacity, youth unemployment, and social and gender inequalities, the excessive burden of external debt on the budget, the difficulties in internally connecting our country by air and by sea, which hampers the creation of a competitive and coherent market, which is essential to develop tourism.”


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Statement of CABO VERDE at UNGA73