Statement of ZIMBABWE at UNGA73

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
United Nation Theme: 
Goverment Statements

General WPS:

“The inclusion of the interests and views of women, the youth, children and vulnerable members of our societies should be integral and essential components in all our programmes.”

“Peace, security, stability, democracy and good governance are essential ingredients for sustainable development”

Conflict Prevention: “The prevention of conflict must be a frontline strategy. My country remains committed to strengthening multilateralism and peaceful resolution of differences. In this regard, we should address the root causes of conflict which includes poverty, inequality, deprivation, disputes over land and resources, as well as struggles for self determination.”

Peacekeeping, Peacebuilding, Conflict Prevention: “Peacemaking and peacekeeping must be complemented by peace building efforts to prevent recurrence and relapse into conflict.”

Palestine: “It is most saddening that some of us continue to turn a blind eye to the suffering of the people of Palestine. 11 It is high time the Security Council fulfilled its Charter obligations and duties by implementing all its Resolutions; including Resolution 181, 242, 338 and 2334.”

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Statement of ZIMBABWE at UNGA73