Statement of COSTA RICA at the UNGA73

Thursday, September 27, 2018
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General Women, Peace and Security
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Goverment Statements

Participation: Today as this Assembly is led by a woman, the fourth woman to do so in the 73 years of its existence,  marks part of a new movement in history where equality between men and women is constructed by concrete actions.

Participation: We thank the Secretary General for his demonstrated work in achieving gender parity in the United Nations and we reaffirm our efforts to keep supporting specific measures to make this possible.

Participation: Women’s economic empowerment is also vital for exercising their autonomy and for their ability to make significant contributions in the labor market, as the evidence shows. Costa Rica is convinced that it is necessary to keep moving forward in this field and we have joined forces with the United Kingdom in the Group of Championing Women’s Economic Empowerment to do so.

General WPS: Costa Rica condemns terrorism and violent extremism. Women and girls suffer the greatest consequences, whose consequences in some cases are indelible. 

Participation: My country welcomes the participation of Costa Rican women police officers as International Observers to the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia. We recognize the efforts of this mission to incorporate an approach of gender equality.

General WPS: It is a generation that looks to the future without fear, which is manifested by a new world without weapons, without violence for the environment, for peace, for human rights, for sexual diversity, against any type of discrimination and in favor of a better world.

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Statement of COSTA RICA at the UNGA73