Statement of TANZANIA at UNGA73

Thursday, September 27, 2018
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Goverment Statements

“Currently, we are hosting more than 330,000 refugees, mainly from Burundi and DRC. Over the years, and decades of hosting refugees, Tanzania has provided local integration as a durable solution to many refugees than any other country in the world in excess of 150,000 refugees.”


“The people of DRC continue to face challenges of peace, security and stability. The country has continuously been destabilized by warring factions and war lords that have created havoc leading to political instability in some parts of the country. This situation has not only denied DRC the opportunity to develop its country and people, but has also undermined and threatened regional peace and security. However, the current developments in resolving that impasse is very refreshing taking into account the government’s commitment to hold the long-awaited 7 general elections later this year. The stability in DRC does not only contribute to address the refugee problem, but also accelerates regional trade, investment, and economic prosperity opportunities.”


“In this regard, Tanzania encourages the international community to extend both logistical and financial support to DRC so that it can successfully complete the necessary preparations for, and holding of, the elections. To this end, it is necessary to continue with the UN stabilization mission under MONUSCO and FIB in the eastern part of the country until elections are concluded.”


“Tanzania reiterates its position in resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine by supporting the two-state solution. We understand that Palestine has the right to enjoy its independence and peace as is Israel in accordance with the United Nations Charter. It is our belief that it is within the creative and resourceful ability of Israel and the determination of the Palestinian people to reach a peaceful solution that will permit Israel and Palestine to co-exist in peace and security.”


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Statement of TANZANIA at UNGA73