Statement of EL SALVADOR at UNGA73

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Goverment Statements

National financing, even with all the efforts we make, will not be enough. It is imperative that the international community play its part in this commitment.

These contributions must contribute to a holistic, long-term perspective, to ensure inclusive economic growth and to lift millions of people out of poverty, who suffer from the worst consequences of climate change and the unjust distribution of wealth.

As part of the protection of women's rights, we developed a strategy for the prevention of femicide and sexual violence, which involves all government institutions so to empower women and to guarantee them a life free of violence.

This strategy has been strengthened with the “Spotlight initiative”, supported by the European Union and the United Nations, which seeks the eradication of social and institutional practices that damage women’s dignity.

We have also strengthened the “Ciudad Mujer” program, which is internationally recognized and implemented in several countries. “Ciudad Mujer” has supported more than 1.8 million users with health services, the defense of their rights, and capacity building for financing economic projects.

In the era of health, the implementation of the National Strategic Plan for the Reduction of Maternal Mortality, as well as the National Plan of Health Surveillance should be highlighted. Both have contributed to El Salvador’s continued reduction of its maternal mortality rate, which in 2017 was reduced to 31 out of 100 thousand births. 

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Statement of EL SALVADOR at UNGA73