Statement of HAITI at UNGA73

Thursday, September 27, 2018
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While it is fitting to congratulate ourselves on the easing of tensions in some hot spots of the world, it is clear that we are far from the era of generalized deterrence. On the contrary, new hotbeds of crisis are emerging and testifying to an alarming resurgence of the logic of war as a way of settling conflicts. The horrors of the civil war in Yemen are a tragic illustration of the logic of the confrontation prevailing in particular in the Arabian Gulf.

As far as the situation in the Middle East is concerned, the Republic of Haiti considers that the search for a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be at the forefront of the concerns. In this respect, we believe that UN is particularly well placed to help restore confidence, which unfortunately has continued to erode over the years, in order to allow a resumption of the peace process which may eventually lead to the creation of a viable Palestinian State, living in peace alongside the State of Israel, within secure, internationally recognized and guaranteed borders.

Peace, development and security go hand in hand - we keep saying that. They must be adequately supported by appropriate, long-term investments. In particular, they require the allocation of resources better suited to the real needs of beneficiary countries, taking into account their structural vulnerabilities, which is more flexible and less subject to Gender-Militarism Index 45 conditionalities that may ultimately undermine the viability of the system itself, and undermine some key development goals, including long-term stability. 

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Statement of HAITI at UNGA73