Statement of REPUBLIC OF CONGO at UNGA73

Saturday, September 29, 2018
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The Republic of Congo encourages all initiatives that contribute the maintenance of peace in Libya. It supports the idea of holding general, inclusive and credible, free and transparent elections as soon as possible, while considering that it is essential to create a context of appeasement, in particular through the organization of a reconciliation conference, so that elections do cause further violence.

For the Republic of the Congo, realising the objectives of peace and development requires greater integration of women and young people in the processes of decisions and actions aimed at the eradication of poverty [...]. Our firm belief is that we cannot hope to build societies that are more just, more prosperous [...], as long as women who constitute half of humanity, and as long as the youth who are constructing tomorrow’s world [...] are prevented from enjoying their rights. 

That is why my country has never spared any effort to implement its international commitments, in particular by building confidence and by giving a positive precedence to these two categories of the population. 

This year, by adopting its National Development Plan "PND 2018-2022" - the Government of my country has intended to put forward three major strategic pillars that include particularly women and young people, namely: in-depth training, the governance and diversification of the economy, with special emphasis on agriculture, livestock and fish farming.

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Statement of REPUBLIC OF CONGO at UNGA73